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Hello, my name is Amber. At a relatively young age I discovered the joy of photography. By the age of 12, I got my first camera and from that moment onwards photography turned into a big passion. By the time I reached my fifteenth birthday my precious camera was stolen and it made me realise how much it really meant to me.

Where as my love for photography remained constant as time went by, it has started to play a more important role in my life since a few years. Initially I just didnít realise what effect my pictures could have on others. My hobby became a passion and increased in professionalism.

One time, while I was shooting a benefit concert for the Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation in Geneva, I was asked to photograph Philippe Ekeke, Yolanda Ambiana and Manuel Wandji. It was that very moment that I realised I was able to connect with them through photography and witness their wonderful expressions and emotions during their performance. I had never intended to become a concert photographer but it so happened it crossed my path so many times, that I decided to set my mind to it.

For instnace, I also photographed the Ibiza 2013 healing day.

I promiss you a lot more wonderful projects will follow.

Maybe you could even be one of them?!

I hope you will enjoy my website.

Peace and blessings,


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